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The voice of the voluntary and community sector in Preston - get informed, get involved, get engaged....

Preston Community Network supports and co-ordinates voluntary and community sector engagement with Preston Strategic Partnership (and other partnerships) (See: What is the PSP? on the navigation menu). Our aim is to ensure a strong voice for our sector, when decisions are being made about services for our local community (eg, local development)

There are lots of ways in which your group can become involved. We have about 180 members ranging from small residents groups representing just a few streets, to large registered charities..We believe:The Localism Act will provide opportunities for greater involvement by communities in decision affecting their livesThe local voluntary and community sector plays a significant role in society as representatives of particular, often marginalised, sections of the community, and as service providers.

The local voluntary sector has unique knowledge and experience rooted in the local community and its involvement in local decision-making is vital for the success of local initiatives.

Local people know best what the priorities and needs of their neighbourhood are and they must have the opportunity to be involved in the planning and delivery of local services and shaping the future of their city.

The empowerment, involvement and participation of all sections of the local community is the way forward for successful regeneration and development of Preston. 

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